TheRainInSpain-200x300One night in Sevilla could save—or sink—their marriage.

On a rainy night in Sevilla, travel writer Magda and scientist Javi are cranky with the heat—and each other. Being unable to keep their hands off each other isn’t the same as building a life together and cracks are starting to appear in their still fresh marriage.

As they stroll the cobblestone streets of one of Spain’s most romantic cities, Magda tries to show her husband just what it is she loves about the job that keeps her on the road so much. She has until the sun rises to convince him—and even more importantly, herself—that what they have is worth fighting for.

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“A romantic journey.” ~Smexy Books

“You never know what you’re going to get when you read an author for the first time. Amy Jo Cousins is a blissful surprise for me…I need to find more of AJ’s words. Mission noted.” ~The Book Hammock

“The story Miss Bates enjoyed most of all was Amy Jo Cousins’ marriage-in-trouble narrative, “The Rain In Spain.”” ~Miss Bates Reads Romance

I am totally in love with Amy Jo’s characters. They are imperfect. And real. They hide and blaze. They strut and cry.” ~ My Fiction Nook