CALLIE, UNWRAPPED (Play It Again, Book One)

glamor portrait of a beautiful young woman. close-up shot

The best presents are the ones you unwrap early…

Callie isn’t sure just how kinky anyone can get on a Tuesday before Christmas, but she’s willing to find out. That is, assuming this first drink at a pool hall with her ex, Gabe, and his girl, Kate, doesn’t send anyone screaming from the bar. Newly divorced after years of sleep-walking through occasional sex, she’s hoping to find her way back to the fiery confidence of her youth, when she saw what, or who, she wanted and grabbed it with both hands. It’s a Callie she barely remembers and that Gabe is convinced is buried somewhere deep inside her still.

But when bystanders speculate about the trio, and Gabe and Kate make surprising demands that she be an active participant in this threesome, and not simply their plaything, Callie discovers that letting herself be sexually confident again is harder than she imagined. She’ll need to bare both her body and her heart to find out if she can still reach fearlessly for adventure.

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“Simmering sexual tension blended with poignant emotional conflict for a compelling, recommended read!” ~ Anne Calhoun, author of Afternoon Delight

“An insightful look at one woman’s bisexual self-discovery, this story shows an interlude filled with honesty, tenderness, and hot-as-hell sex scenes. A joy to read.” ~Megan Mulry, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Reading the back and forth, the flirting then the backing off, was like being part of the foreplay.” ~Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous

“Cousins’ writing is beautiful. It’s precise, clever, and sexy.” ~Love Reading Romance

“In the end Callie was as much about finding yourself as it was just about having a good time. We all need experiences from time to time to lift us up, to help us remember or discover who we are.” ~Books by Migs


“An intensely emotional and highly erotic story.” ~Romance Novel News