AT YOUR SERVICE (The Tylers, Book 1)

462174Heiress on the run…

A few white lies and Grace Haley had herself a waitressing job at Tyler’s Bar & Grill. It wasn’t that she didn’t have enough experience. As heir to the nine top-grossing Chicago restaurants, she knew her way around a kitchen. But Grace was in trouble and couldn’t risk leaking her true identity to anyone. Not even her gorgeous new boss….

Tyler knew Grace had a secret she wouldn’t share, but that didn’t stop him from fantasizing about getting her alone after hours. Unluckily for him, she seemed hell-bent on keeping their kisses to a minimum. But as the flames of passion overtook them, Tyler couldn’t help wondering whether her secret past would forever keep them apart…

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“Amy Jo Cousins’ AT YOUR SERVICE (4 stars) thoroughly entertains with humor and interesting characters. It’s delightful watching Grace trying to keep all her lies straight without getting caught.” – RT Book Reviews

The Tylers series continues with Sleeping Arrangements, Calling His Bluff and When the Lights Go Down.