All in a Day's Work_Final_Flat“DANCE HALL DAYS,” in the ALL IN A DAY’S WORK anthology from Dreamspinner Press.

London, 1932

Bouncer Frank Armstrong has been watching drag performer Laurie Hale for months—watching him mesmerize the audience with his beautiful voice and shy charm, and watching him fall for the honeyed words of wealthy men who come to the ballroom slumming. One night, Frank finds Laurie suffering his latest heartbreak and decides to clean him up and give him some advice, but Laurie is in no mood for a lecture. An anti-sodomy raid puts a halt to Frank’s speech, and while the two of them hide from the police in a secret storage closet, they acknowledge the attraction between them. But it will only blossom into more if Laurie can convince Frank a dance hall songbird can be as strong as the man who guards the door.

Eight short stories about  finding love—or a hot hook-up—at work. All but one are contemporary, with the outlier being a 1930s historical that will give you a new perspective on dance halls. From newlyweds who can’t keep their hands off each other in the office to Revolutionary War reenactors who spice up Washington’s Army to high society spies engaged in dangerous espionage, no one will suggest that the characters in All in a Day’s Work give up their day jobs!

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“Cousins writes gorgeous prose, and this story…was captivating.” ~My Fiction Nook

“Cousins did a wonderful job re-creating the glittering yet grimy ambiance of the illicit dance hall, both refuge and ghetto.” ~Immersed in Books