Callie, Unleashed is out at last!

Two and a half years ago, I published a dirty, emotional erotic novella (with some literary references that were mostly me entertaining myself, but turned out to be many people’s favorite lines!) called Callie, Unwrapped. I had plans to write a trilogy of novellas following Callie’s erotic journey with her ex Gabe, but then…Off Campus came out. And it was such a success thanks to my amazing readers, that I wrote half a dozen more books in that series. Which was awesome! But my Callie plans were seriously derailed.

Now, we’re back on track. And because I’m me, the planned trilogy has doubled in size to include six books altogether (because Kate and Ale, who you meet in Callie, Unleashed, and some other people needed books too!). But I’m stopping there! Probably. 😉

Have I mentioned that this book is even dirtier than the first? And angstier too. By the time we get to book three, pretty sure parking yourself in front of a fan is going to be a serious recommendation for reading prep.

I’ve also got some other SUPER COOL stuff coming up, including an announcement about a new Bend or Break story releasing in July. More info on that in the coming weeks!


(P.S. There’s a sale on Callie #1, some beautiful new paperbacks, and book recs galore if you scroll down!)


If you can’t stop thinking about one man, get under another. 

A scorching hot one-night stand with her ex Gabe and his current lover was just what Callie needed to start her recovery from a decade-long sexless marriage. One night only, because anything more than that with the man she’d never quite gotten over would be too dangerous. And the threesome was even more fun and filthy than she’d fantasized it would be.

Now Callie’s supposed to be moving onto new erotic adventures, without Gabe. Or thoughts of Gabe. No Gabe, damn it. But somehow her ex keeps getting caught up in her plans, and Callie can’t make herself say no when Gabe offers to accompany her—strictly as her platonic safety-measure friend—to a BDSM club.

Callie’s trying to be smart, to protect herself and explore this fascinating new world at the same time. And she does actually feel safer knowing Gabe is close when Alejandro, the sexy Dom she meets, introduces her to her first experiences with submission. But when Ale picks up on the ever-present sexual tension between Callie and Gabe, Callie’s going to learn just how far an experienced Dom can push two people who aren’t sure where their boundaries lie. 




Get book one of the Play It Again series for 99 cents if you missed the intense threesome that started in a pool hall, continued in a taxi, and finished with Callie tied up in ribbon like a Christmas present in Gabe’s sculpture studio…


PAPERBACKS! The first three books of the Bend or Break series are available now in paperback at CreateSpace, Amazon, and other vendors. The rest of the series is coming later this month! THEY’RE SO PRETTY, I CAN’T STAND IT. Lexi at Romanced by the Cover is my HERO.

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