The End of Samhain, Take Two

Samhain is closing, so back up your library now!

You may have seen the news on social media yesterday. Samhain Publishing is officially closing their doors. Yes, they said the same thing a year ago, but this time we have official dates issued, so we’re pretty sure this one is for real!

Here’s what you need to know:

1) READERS, BACK UP YOUR LIBRARIES! If you’ve purchased any books from the Samhain website directly, please make sure to download those books before February 28th when their site will go dark.

2) All Samhain books will be taken down from outside vendors (Amazon, Kobo, et al.) starting right now. BUT DON’T PANIC. Because…

3) All Samhain authors are getting their rights reverted back to them beginning March 1st. This is great news. Stressful, yes, because Samhain authors have a lot of work ahead of us, but getting our rights back was the ultimate goal, so I’m very happy about this.

What does this mean for the Bend or Break series? Good things!

1) EBOOKS will be back on sale at all vendors as soon as I get my rights reversion letters. I’ll be self-publishing these, and will have them ready to go the instant my rights are returned.

2) PAPERBACKS may take a little while longer because I have to learn how to do those or hire an outside formatter, but I’ll be busting my butt to do so in an effort to get them back up ASAP too.

3) EXPECT to see more: box sets! sales! foreign translations! I’m super excited, you guys, about the possibilities.

4) NEW BOOKS IN THE SERIES. When this whole Samhain closing/not-closing confusion began, I decided to stop writing books in the series because I declined to give control of more of my intellectual property to a company I believed strongly would be out of business soon. I’d started writing a book about Varun, Tom’s bisexual co-worker and friend in The Girl Next Door, and had plotted out stories for Andie from Nothing Like Paris and another Tom and Reese novella. Setting all of these stories aside made my heart hurt and I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back to work on them! I’ve made some other commitments in the meantime, so I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be working on them, but I’ll definitely be writing more books in this universe.

5) 2017 SIGNINGS: I have a decent amount of stock to bring with me to NECRWA in April and RT in May, so you will still be able to get signed paperbacks from me at those conferences. Plus, I’ll have Glass Tidings!

As for questions about cover art (I know! I love my Kanaxa covers and hope to be able to keep them!) and other details like the timing of the rights reversion letters, we’re still waiting to hear. Feel free to join me in my reader group on Facebook, where I’ll probably chat about that kind of thing as I get updates.

And finally, thank you! Thank you for reading these books and loving them. Thank you to Amanda and Jacob at Samhain for holding down the fort this past year and for handling this final closure with grace and speed. Thank you to my brilliant editor Christa Desir for her never-ending insight and organizational skills, and to my glorious cover artist Kanaxa for her breathtaking art. I can’t wait to keep this series going, you guys.



The End of Samhain, Take Two — 2 Comments

  1. If you go to CreateSpace for your print versions, they have Word templates you can download to format your books for print. I have done it already for my one Samhain book. It wasn’t that bad. My suggestion would be to take your final Samhain file, download the template you want for the book size you want (6″x9″ is the Samhain size, I believe) and then cut and paste each chapter into the template. If you know how to use Word Styles, set up your Styles so you have something for Chapter Headings and Main Text. Then all you have to do is format using Word styles.

    You can email me if you want more help than that! 😀

    I found your site b/c I was hoping to find out when we might get our reversion letters…I’m all ready to upload my Kindle version and get my print version going…but need the letter!

    • Sorry! I just saw this! Thanks for all of the excellent advice. I use Vellum for my ebook formatting (to die for) and I’m actually part of their beta program right now for paperback formatting too, so I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to automatically generate properly formatted files via that program. But I’ll be bookmarking your advice just in case! 😀

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