NOTHING LIKE PARIS ~ The First Excerpt!

NothingLikeParis300My (sort of) monthly newsletter went out earlier this week and subscribers got an early sneak peek at an excerpt from NOTHING LIKE PARIS, which releases on March 3rd, holy cow. If you’re curious to see what the newsletter looks like, you can check it out here.

But no one has to miss out! Here’s the excerpt, the first one posted anywhere, from NOTHING LIKE PARIS. Enjoy!

Jack and Miguel (who everyone other than Jack calls Mike) are having a late night painting party with their friend and co-worker, Andie. An Iowa girl who’s never been out of state, Andie is having a hard time picturing what Jack’s life at an East Coast liberal arts college was like, parties and all…


“Holy shit.” Andie’s words were a whisper. After a moment, she sat up straighter and shook her head. “Nope. Can’t imagine it.”

“What? A bunch of guys in skirts or two people of the same gender making out?” A light had sparked in Jack’s eyes, and he scooted closer on the counter to where Andie sat, seeming dazed by the entire conversation.

“All of it! Jeez, I’ve barely kissed a boy.”

“Girl, with your darling baby winning hearts and minds all over town, I think you have to admit you’ve done something more than kissing.”

She blushed and covered her mouth with one hand while giggles escaped. “Okay. Yes. But that was really only the one time.”

“One time? That’s, that’s—” Jack was practically sputtering in shock. “—tragic, is what that is. At least tell me that he banged your socks off, please.”

Mike was reeling from hearing his best girl Andie referred to as someone who indulged in sockless banging, when she leaned closer to Jack and kept the TMI train rolling. “It wasn’t even that good. He was so drunk he couldn’t stay hard and I had to jerk him off to finish him. Turns out you really can get pregnant just from him sticking it in.” She sighed and Jack slung an arm around her shoulder and pulled her in for a quick hug. “It totally sucks the only time I got laid was by that loser.”

“Oh, my God, I am not listening to this. You’re amother.” Mind. Blown. Mike wasn’t sure he’d ever get the image of Andie giving a handjob out of his brain.

“I’m a nun,” Andie argued. “This conversation is the closest I’ve come to sex in more than two years, so don’t you ruin it for me, Mike. So, did you meet someone at this party and, like, make out with them?”

Nobody played coy like Jack. “Maaaybe.”

“That means yes.”

“No comment!”

“C’mon. You have to tell me about it so I can try to picture it. And did people really not freak out when you were kissing?”

Jack’s shrug was every wish Mike had had about leaving town wrapped up in a present with a fuck-you bow. “They really don’t. I mean, sure, some of them might have been whispering about it, but there really isn’t a lot that crowd hasn’t seen, so two guys kissing isn’t going to throw most of them for a loop.”

Andie leaned back on her hands and sighed. “You know, I love Charlie. And if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. But I am stuck in this town for life. I’ll never see anything like that.”

“Hey now. That doesn’t have to be true if you don’t want it to be. If you really want to find a way out, you can. I promise.” The look Jack shot Mike was as subtle as a brick to the face. Then he turned back to Andie with a little smile. “And if you just want to see what it’s like to watch two guys kissing, I know a way you could see that.”

Mike barked out a laugh. “No. No way.”

The speculative gleam in Andie’s eye scared him. “Really?” she asked, looking at Jack.

“I’m game.”

Fucking butter wouldn’t melt in that boy’s mouth.

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